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Who we are

Designed for C-suite, VP's, senior managers, business

owners, and others who want to gather with like-minded

people to strengthen their skills in leading teams, leading a business, and leading








Sports can teach leadership skills that are critical to success in both our personal and professional lives. Athlete or not, sports is a great metaphor for life. Winning requires playing with passion, focus, teamwork, taking risks and the ability to overcome adversity. Not surprisingly, the best athletes and teams engage in certain practices that make them winners. Who better to learn about what it takes to win than from successful athletes, coaches, administrators and elite business executives?


That is where The Capital Club (CAPS) comes into play. It’s

a sports-centered, business-networking group where members

hear from highly-respected and accomplished speakers who

share stories about their strategies, struggles, tactics, training

regimens, and mental disciplines; lessons that members can

apply both personally and professionally.


What are member benefits? CAPS members will grow their network by meeting other leaders in a fun environment and get insights into:

  • The characteristics and tactics of successful teams that can be applied to the corporate workplace

  • Strategies great athletes and coaches use to adjust to increased levels of competition

  • How to cultivate a coaching mindset

  • How to more effectively develop your own and others’ talents

  • How to improve the overall productivity and success of high-performing teams

  • How to gain insight into your own leadership brand and enhance your leadership skills; and

  • What tactics athletes and coaches use to overcome adversity on a daily basis.


CAPS provides a great opportunity to gather with other professionals in a relaxed, engaging and collegial atmosphere.



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